Who the hell is Mary Jam?


Spirited garage rock outfit, Mary Jam, combines elements of DIY Punk, Surf Rock, and Grunge to create a blistering sound that will stick to you like day old chewing gum. Drummer Katy Fenasci, and guitar player and vocalist Alli KB have an intimate musical relationship that spans the greater part of five years, and culminated in the creation of Mary Jam after COVID-19 forced the pair into a year-long musical hiatus. Mary Jam describes their music as the theoretical result of a threesome between Dick Dale, Nirvana, and FIDLAR. The band also makes bold lyrical declarations in their music, sometimes singing about beer and surfing, and other times lamenting the over-militarization of police. Regardless of the topic, Mary Jam performs with enough grit and desperation to get even the weariest of punks out of their booth and onto the dance floor. To date Mary Jam has released four singles, and a rancorous EP “Hello, My Name is Not Mary." The band's most recent singles showcase their playful songwriting and witty lyricism making them ready to become Garage Rock anthems that any uncoordinated 20-something can relate to. Mary Jam has been playing a barrage of uproarious shows across the Midwest, and has no plans of stopping. They are releasing their sophomore EP May 31st. Catch them playing new tunes soon at a dive bar near you.